Hello, I’m Tom Pesman and this is my website and blog. It’s meant to not only let you track my software development projects, but it also serves as a digital business card for my freelance work. Since my graduation from the Technical University of Delft (the Netherlands) in Computer Science, I’ve been registered as a freelancer and have been taking on all sorts of software development jobs. My website will give you all the information you need to know about me, my developmental skills and my contact details. Besides the freelance work I’m also performing research on the feasibility of some commercial ideas I’d like to elaborate.


You can find me on:

  • linkedin
  • skype: tom_pesman
  • Or contact me by email: tom@tnux.net

Company information:

  • Kamer van Koophandel: 50776762
  • BTW number: 179329406B01



I became familiar with the way architects work and with their digital design process while working as a system administrator for my fathers company cepezed. When they started working with Revit, I started to develop add-ins for the program to increase the quality of the models and to shorten the design process. Because of the variety of requests I got from the designers, I have an extensive knowledge of Revit.

Ruby on Rails

I started developing ‘Ruby on Rails’-applications from the beginning of 2007 with version 1.2.2. The experience I gained with the many years of developing with Ruby on Rails proved useful when we started developing mobile applications for 9 to 5. Ruby on Rails allows you to quickly build REST API’s to be consumed by mobile applications. The applications started small on a VPS, but are now running in the cloud at Heroku monitored by New Relic.

9 to 5

Early 2012 my sister and I developed a game called ‘nummi’. In order to get this in the AppStore under a joint account we had to start a company. Soon after this we released ‘nummi’ which got picked up by Dutch blog iphoneclub. Later that year we went on to improve a small application called ’OmgevingsAlert’ with which we recently won the National App Award. With the knowledge gained by developing ‘nummi’, we decided to make a server and client side framework to allow us to easily create new games. We use a push service to enable the applications to send large quantities of push notifications to mobile devices within milliseconds.

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