DRS Released With Beta IFC Exporter

Today the Dutch Revit user group (RevitGG) released the latest version of the Dutch Revit Standard. With some help of Martijn de Riet and Autodesk I’ve developed a modification to the IFC Exporter for Revit. It will now be possible to make a mapping file to map Revit parameters to the IFC properties. A mapping file looks like this:

Pset_WallCommon   FireRating    fire_rating
Pset_WallCommon   Compartmentation  brandwerend
Pset_WallCommon   SurfaceSpreadOfFlame  brandklasse
Pset_WallCommon   Combustible   ontvlambaar
Pset_WallCommon   AcousticRating    luchtgeluidsisolatie

The Revit parameter ‘fire_rating’ will be assigned to the ‘FireRating’ IFC property for a wall. With the Dutch standard combined with my modification to the exporter, the only thing left to do is to make a default mapping file for the Dutch Revit Standard to create a full workflow from Revit model to IFC model all within the Dutch Revit Standard. The first standardized workflow from Revit to IFC in the world!

Later today Autodesk will release a beta version with the new functionality included.

Update: Beta is online now!


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