New Website Released!

Earlier this week I’ve released my new website! My previous website was a standard WordPress blog, but I wanted more control of the blog and other pages so I’ve created my own site in Ruby on Rails. One of the extra functionalities I’ve added is a download section at the Revit pages, so everyone can try the add-ins before buying. I’m also planning to add more features in the future; like a store for add-ins, a search field and social network sharing buttons.

This site is built on the latest release candidate of Ruby on Rails 3.1. It uses the new asset pipeline with SASS and Coffeescript. I’ve used test driven development as the development process, which is very suitable for a Rails project. First tests are made and subsequently the code is added to the project to make the tests pass. My code is monitored with guard and has a 100% test coverage.

This site provides new opportunities for both my Ruby on Rails and my Revit projects. Please check out the rest of my site and if you are a Revit user, make sure you download some of my add-ins. I will be adding more of them in the upcoming days.


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