Revit App Store

Today I published my first app in the Revit App Store. I think this way of distributing small add-ins for Revit can be very useful. As the first apps are distributed for free, I decided to make a small app that automatically numbers the parking spaces. If an user selects multiple parking lots, the user can specify a prefix, postfix, starting value and an interval for the numbering. The tool will also detect if the user will make duplicate mark values within the model, as duplicate marks are not preferable within Revit models.

I’m very curious how this App Store is developing in the upcoming months, as this can be a great opportunity for both developers and users of Revit. At this point the store isn’t very mature yet, for example, I think the buttons of the actual applications are located in a window of the app store in a secondary page, two mouse clicks away. I think the buttons should be located in the ribbon, directly accessible by the user. Anyway I keep an eye on the development of this app store.


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